terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2019

Bolsonaro devastation and burning covered the Southeast with soot and darkness

This weekend happened the unthinkable:  The agribusiness elite in Brazil teamed up on a single date to practice a long used in clearing forests: the infamous "queimada" (burned forest).

Because it is not that through whatsup app groups they agreed that, last week, EVERYONE would produce the "burns" in the woods, drawing President Bolsonaro's attention to the need to "make it easy" for farmers to work, as that the federal government release areas for deforestation and use of these areas for pasture and commodity plains.

Arson! Criminal fire premeditated under the influence of formal power, applause from a minority who see in this president's attitudes: virility, self-determination, bravery and sovereignty. But his secretary is blind to the facts: climate change comes at a giant, swift and merciless pace.

In a NATURE article, scientists come to the conclusion that the forest can regenerate to the limit of 25% of deforestation. After this limit the forces of forest deterioration (droughts, moisture turnover, loss of biodiversity, etc.) overlap the regeneration forces and the forest rapidly advances to a savannah-like habitat with unimaginable consequences for the flow of rainfall on the globe. For Brazil has already reached 19% of deforestation and at the current rate of deforestation we may reach the limit even in this time of government. But I add: the burn on the Amazon rainforest this weekend was the biggest ever. The extent of this environmental crime has not yet been estimated and it is urgent that monitoring institutes bring these numbers. But considering the photos of NOAA [1] and the darkness that swept southeastern Brazil yesterday [2, 3], we can be sure that the numbers are not insignificant.

I ask: are we waiting for armageddon to say that armageddon is coming? As Martin Luther King said: "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.", 

or in others words, 

what shocks is not the noise of the wicked but the silence of those who can stop the wickedness.

[1]: https://www.nesdis.noaa.gov/content/fires-amazon-rainforest-seen-noaa-20

[2]: Devastação e queimadas de Bolsonaro cobriram o Sudeste de fuligem e trevas: Na tarde desta segunda uma névoa negra atingiu o Sudeste do País, assustando e intrigando moradores da região. Mais tarde, orgãos de meteorologia informaram que nuvens baixas, associadas a frente fria, somaram com a fumaça das queimadas e fizeram com que o dia virasse noite. As queimadas no Brasil aumentaram 82% no governo de Jair Bolsonaro

[3]: https://noticias.uol.com.br/meio-ambiente/ultimas-noticias/redacao/2019/08/20/queimadas-na-amazonia-provocam-corredor-de-fumaca-na-america-do-sul.htm

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