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Happy 2018 Brazil, Brazil needs to shake, article from Professor Fornaziere

It is a great yell for brazilian freedom and I could not avoid to translate it. It remembers "Sacco & Vanzetty" in the early XX's (*) and It could be extrapolated to worldwide.


Lula's trial: Brazil needs to shake

by Aldo Fornazieri

In an interview in Estadão (02/01/18, Brazialian news)), former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso said that an eventual condemnation of Lula would be bad for the country, for memory. He added: "But I do not believe that the population will tremble at the grassroots because of this. I do not think the country will shake because of that." FHC has expressed an inherent wisdom to the Brazilian elites of all times: do whatever they want with institutions, with democracy, with the republic; give as many blows as they can, assault as many times as the public coffers want, they, the elites, always count on the passivity of the people. They count on the naturalization of this ideologically constructed passivity, which, in fact, was recurrent in the decisive moments of our history.
For the time has come to make Brazil tremble, to make the people tremble, to say no to the arrogance and unbridled will of the elites. It is not a question of making any revolution, but of restoring and defending democracy, vilified by these same elites. In Brazil, unlike the United States, France, and so many other countries, we have had no democratic political revolution and no social revolution capable of establishing the rights, the solid rules of democratic play, equality before the law, a reduced sense of inequality, justice and social balance and the dignity of citizens. This wicked state of things will continue for centuries to come if the people do not rise up and subordinate predatory elites to their sovereignty.

In Brazil, popular will has never been sovereign. It has always been usurped by the elites, accustomed to looting the public treasury, privatizing it, and keeping the people in poverty. Not surprisingly, there are over 50 million poor and over 114 million remediated, totaling 80% of the population. According to IBGE (statistic institution) , half of the Brazilian population has income less than a minimum wage. On the other hand, only six people concentrate half the country's wealth. Is this acceptable? Is this the country we want in the 21st century? Is not this the cause of righteous indignation and revolts that need to be translated into action? Is this not a manifestation of the impiety and cruelty of the rich and powerful?

Any genuine liberal of previous centuries, ever since John Locke, would justify rebellion against this unacceptable state of affairs. If you want to be liberal you are, but do not be a coup, corrupt, predatory, tax evading and evading rights and democracy. If one wants to be leftwing, one is, but one is not left of cabinet, of the bureaucratic apparatuses, of bourgeois people who are part of the system of domination that is there. The "lefties" can not be the leftwing flank of neoliberalism, the icing on the cake of the big global capitalists, taken by false environmental and social consciousness, as they continue to produce the destruction of the planet and the poverty and misery of people.

FHC also says that if the trial ends in condemnation, you must have to accept it. Well, you do not have to accept it. It's more than Lula's person. It is more than the leader Lula. At this trial, there is no evidence and there is no evidence because there is no crime. The trial is purely political, it is a judgment to decapitate the hopes of the people, it is a judgment to condemn the people themselves, it is a judgment to imprison democracy. The condemnation can not be accepted and Brazil needs to tremble. If Lula is condemned, that committees for the defense of democracy be formed throughout the country and that no illegitimate elections will be accepted.

Judgment is a game of marked cards. There is no impartiality and no exemption. There is no justice. The president of TRF-4 (Brazilian court)  and some of his advisers have already expressed their condemnatory pre-trial. Moro could not have judged Lula because the "triplex" case has nothing to do with Petrobras as the judge himself acknowledges. Therefore, Moro is not the natural judge to judge the case. There is an illegality of origin in this whole process. It is a political conspiracy to take the blow to the last consequences, in order to keep exploitation unmanned, the misery of the people, the naturalization of passivity and the delivery of public wealth to private interests and foreigners.

If political and social leaders and progressive and democratic activists do not proclaim and do not call the popular uprising, the generations of people who live today, who call themselves progressives and left-wingers, will deserve to be inscribed on their tombstones: "Here lies a Coward". We will be covered with shame and shame until the end of our lives, for we capitulate without fighting. We will not deserve good memories of future generations, and we will deserve to be condemned to an eternal oblivion. What is at stake, first and foremost, is a matter of personal dignity and the dignity of the people.

The right to disobedience and revenge

You have to tell the people that they have the right not to accept a judgment that is a scam because those which they judge are not just judges, but scammers, representatives of predatory elites quartered in the courts. It must be said that the FTS itself has no morals because it tore the Constitution to protect Aécio Neves and other criminals. We must tell the people that it has the right and the duty not to open the doors of mercy and forgiveness to those who always make it suffer, to those who take their bread, milk, medicine, housing, education , salary and culture. For these predators there can be no day of pardon, but day of revenge. The people must be told that he has the right to just revenge, for vengeance can be the instrument of justice when one lives under the aegis of injustice. The opposite of justice is not revenge, as mi mi, but mi injustice believes. The people have the right to hate. To hate those who have relegated him to an unworthy life, full of misery, suffering, pain, lack of assistance and opportunities, while these exploiters feast on the sweat, blood and afflictions of the workers and the poor. Those who live languishing and suffering can not love those who take their food and their rights to rejoice in wealth and luxury. Those who mourn their dead, victims of violence, who are thousands, those who suffer the sufferings of their uncared for patients, who are millions, can not love politicians who deny them security and care, for they are criminals who must be punished. Brazil is the country that kills the most in the world, more than the countries at war. Misery, abandonment, lack of care, lack of rights, exclusion and a violent, predatory and unjust state are death factor. Universities, NGOs, trade unions, churches and part of the left can not continue to be instruments of diffusion of the ideology of the naturalization of passivity. While the poor continue to be punished by an iniquitous judiciary, they preach impunity for thugs and white-collar criminals. They preach a false concord, a harmony that never existed, a puerile love, to the liking of the dominant ideology. These elites are dominating, in politics, in the Judiciary, in the high civil service, in the courts, in the banks, in the industry. there are exceptions and all these places), are at the service of an ideology that wants to perpetuate and naturalize the tragedy and poverty in Brazil. They have vicious hearts, overcome by selfishness and greed. Like this government, this Judiciary and this Congress, are shameless. Members of the coup congregation announce their crimes and their violations in official communiqués, without flushing and without anyone bothering them significantly. They do not fear punishment, because before a corrupted system, only the people could punish them. As long as the people can not impose fear on them, they will continue in their unbridled pride and on the path of unpunished crimes. Therefore, authentic leaders must call upon the people to act, to manifest their wrath in deeds and shouting; The people, in their silence, are angry but hopeless. The wrath of the people is holy and therefore must be transformed into power and power, for only it can plant the trees that will produce the fruits of justice, equality, dignity and freedom. We can not accept eternal submission and passivity, which have been ideologically constructed and naturalized as instruments of domination by perverted elites. To make Brazil tremble and not accept the condemnation of Lula, it is not only for Lula, it is for the people, it is for Brazil. The reapers of hope must be afraid that the day will come when they will pay for their crimes in the hands of an angry people.
Aldo Fornazieri - Professor of the School of Sociology and Politics (FESPSP).
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