sábado, 12 de março de 2016

dictatorship again in Bazil?

This occurred is very worrying as far as coercive conduct of a former president who never refused to provide information to the competent authorities, as it was the last week with the Delegate Moro.

In Diadema, São Paulo, where began the formation of the PT in the decade of 70's, a meeting at the union of metallurgical was paralyzed for 4 cars military police state with heavily armed police, when people were gathered in an act of support to former President Lula. At first they wanted to arrest the occupants, but people were not intimidated because still believed to be in a state of rule of law and there were several parliamentarians present which could become more serious intervention.

"The police would then have said that they knew that was happening a meeting in support of Lula and went to the place find out," said Deputy Luiz Turco.
The event was only similar in the hard years of the dictatorship that we were under the emergency laws, particularly the AI5 which gave broad powers to the executive to arrest and judge, independent of other powers.

Is Brazil really restarting another exception regime, aborting the brief democracy of the last 30 years, under the pretext of ensuring social order? We must point out that preventive detention of the former president was made on the grounds that he would be urging his coreligionists to disorder after his speech in last Saturday (05 / Mar) after being released from testimony to strength in PF facilities at airport congonhas in São Paulo.

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In the last posts you can see article of Pepe Scobar talking about testimony of former president Lula in the PF facilities.

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